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Members of the NNPC are confronted with stowaways on board of their vessels every year and these cases can cause significant financial and operational difficulties.

In recent years we have seen a shift from incidents involving stowaways attempting to board vessels from North-Africa to Europe, to stowaways attempting to reach the United Kingdom through ports in Western Europe. These cases require a different approach and prevention methods. In addition, Brexit and the political developments in the United Kingdom in recent years have led to a hardening of the approach taken by UK authorities and the police resulting in a reduced willingness to assist or allow disembarkation of stowaways. In almost all cases last year the stowaways were required to remain on board and were only disembarked at a later stage in a different port.

The NNPC will, based on these cases, present a workshop together with our correspondent from the United Kingdom Mr. Michael Robertson of Van Ameyde McAuslands during which we will address these cases and provide more information on the risks of stowaways, the prevention methods which can be taken by a shipowner and what do to when stowaways are found.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, May 30 at 14:00 at de Rietschans, Meerweg 220, 9752 XC in Haren.

We look forward to welcoming you and would like to ask you to confirm your attendance no later than May 23.

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