“My NNPC” is our new client portal, which gives our members easy access to their insurance policies and the ability to file a claim online.


Soon you will be able to use this online tool on our website. This will become the place to arrange all manner of things to do with your P&I insurance policies and claims. Curious to know the possibilities?

The most important features are listed below:

  • Direct insight into all your insurances
  • Access to certificates, inspection reports and invoices
  • Real time insight into claim files
  • Filing claims online, including making and adding photographs
  • Overview of the latest news
  • Push messages whenever there is an update, for instance on a claim file
  • Strong privacy and security with mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA)

Service the way you prefer

With My NNPC we give you more control over your insurances. Needless to say, we will always remain available for personal contact wherever and whenever you need it. This client portal serves as a user-friendly addition to our service, so we may assist you better than ever.

Would you like to apply for My NNPC as soon as it is released? Please sign up here.

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