NNPC Excellent

Opt for full-service support

With NNPC Excellent, you will have our full-service support at your disposal. In addition to the desired insurance package to cover the risks, you will have our entire team of legal advisers and specialists at your disposal to advise and support you. At anytime, anywhere in the world. Preventive when possible and resolute when necessary.


NNPC Excellent offers maximum security and quality from a high-calibre insurer. We offer the highest possible cover in the market. NNPC is affiliated to the IGA (International Group Agreement) which insures 90% of the world’s tonnage on a mutual basis. All members are insured based on the conditions set out in the IGA and reinsured within the International Group of P&I insurers with The Standard Club Europe Ltd, London Class, and with The North of England P and I Association Limited.

Excellent versus Fixed Premium

You can instantly see the advantages of choosing our Excellent option over our Fixed Premium service in this overview.


  • 24/7 availability in case of damage
  • Fast claims handling for your business continuity
  • Customized advice by our own experts

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