Shipping companies, charterers, captains and shipowners work around the clock, all over the world. So when they need an immediate guarantee or advice, are looking for optimum contractual support or are confronted with liability or damages, they need a partner who is there for them right at that moment. A partner who contributes ideas, takes action, prevents unnecessary further damage and helps to safeguard the continuity of their business, 365 days a year. That is what NNPC does. Our strategic pillars and our core values keep us on course.

Our strategic pillars

NNPC is always there for its members
Founded in 1937 as a mutual insurance company by and for shipowners from Groningen, we have been there for our members – in the northern Netherlands and beyond – who are owners of seagoing vessels and, since 2007, of inland vessels and houseboats. We advise and assist them.

For NNPC insurance is not a one-off transaction between two parties, but a long-term relationship that you enter into with each other. That is why we set our course in close consultation with our members. It is why we do our utmost to get to know our members through and through, to firmly connect them with us and with each other, and to feel responsible for each other. Each of them is a top priority for us and we are constantly looking for the solution that best suits each individual. We refer to this as tailor-made cooperation. When we asked our members what they valued most about NNPC, they said the personal connection, the 24/7 availability and the direct, short lines of communication between them and our people and our organisation. This is also precisely the most important pillar under NNPC: customer intimacy. NNPC is always there for its members.

We are continuously improving
Time always matters to our members. We understand this and that is why we do our utmost to get things right first time. On time. At an excellent price. Right first time, that’s what we also stand for regardless of whether it concerns a liability insurance, advice, a loss prevention contract or a guarantee. This is why NNPC constantly takes a critical look at itself: Are there any areas in which we could improve? Do we really have the very best people, who are always available and willing to go that extra mile? In order to be able to really be there for its members, NNPC must be the best version of itself. That is why we are continuously working on operational excellence.

We offer the most advanced services and products
NNPC may be the smallest P&I club, but we are playing in the Champions League: we are affiliated to the P&I clubs that insure more than 90% of the world’s tonnage. This gives us access to a worldwide network of the best correspondents, loss adjusters and lawyers, who are totally familiar with the maritime sector. By keeping a constant eye on what is happening in the sector and the latest issues and developments, we are able to continuously develop our products and services further. This ensures that we are always in a position to offer our members knowledge, information, advice and products that are innovative and appropriate to ever-changing circumstances. Our members also appreciate this in NNPC and it also contributes to customer intimacy: our product leadership.

Our core values

NNPC sets the bar high for itself. Our focus on customer intimacy, operational excellence and product leadership helps us to do what we stand for every day: to be the best insurer and adviser for our members [and clients]. As a small mutual, we are personal, and as part of a bigger whole, we are able to offer everything the largest P&I clubs are able to offer to their clients. And more. That is the meaning of NNPC and it is how we give shape to our core values of expertise and focus on service.

We also live up to our core values of transparency, integrity and financial stability by consistently thinking in terms of the interests of our members and clients. Small or not, the De Nederlandsche Bank sets exactly the same high standards for our club’s solvency as it does for the very biggest players. We are more than able to meet them. In 2019 we were able to refund our members a substantial part of their insurance premium for the fifth year in a row. Of course, past results are no guarantee for the future. But we have to go way back in time to find an insurance year in which we had to ask our members to pay extra.

On the road to tomorrow

We regularly discuss with our members how we can help ensure the continuity of their business operations as much as possible by identifying risks, advising on risk prevention and innovation. Because the shipping industry also has responsibility and works towards sustainability some members are busy researching the possibilities of hydrogen-driven ships. And so is NNPC. We are preparing ourselves for tomorrow’s questions today. So that we can continue to provide our members and clients with good advice and offer them an insurance package that fits in with a sustainable fleet.


In the more than 80 years of NNPC’s existence, we have undergone major changes. In addition to members, we now also have fixed premium clients. On top of coastal shipping, we are now also active in inland shipping. Our roots lie in the northern Netherlands, and we now work far beyond that. But we essentially do what we have always done and we cherish our DNA, of which sustainable cooperation is the essence. With our knowledge and expertise, we can be contacted and are available 24 hours a day. Just like our shipowners, charterers, captains and shipowners….


  • 24/7 availability in case of damage
  • Fast claims handling for your business continuity
  • Customized advice by our own experts

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