NNPC periodically checks your company for contractual and liability risks

Doing business in the maritime sector means you have to be constantly alert to risks that may affect your liabilities and costs. This extends beyond just the cover of your ship and cargo. NNPC has noticed that risk patterns are changing and are even increasing within the sector.

Risk check

With the NNPC Risk Check, our specialists will periodically identify your company’s risks. Together with you, we will identify all the areas of concern so that you can keep the risks and costs within your company manageable. If required, we will advise you on additional insurance products.

The Risk Check is a service that is provided to members on request and free of charge. After all, the identification of risk factors within your company is the starting point for finding the right solutions together with you. NNPC offers the following support for this:

Ship and cargo risks

Affreightment contracts for ships (charter parties) are concluded with varying risks every single day. Minor changes to standard contracts can have major consequences. NNPC will screen your draft contracts on request in order to identify the risks and compare them to the current level of cover provided by your policies. The risk level of the region in which you operate is also taken into consideration.

In addition to these contractual risks, there are also the risks of damage. To offer you the broadest possible support, NNPC therefore also offers ad hoc legal advice, inspections, workshops, lectures, publications, etc.

Other business risks

The risk patterns within your business extend beyond the ship and cargo. These, for example, include the professional liability of staff and management and the liability of companies affiliated to yours. These will all be identified as part of the NNPC Risk Check, after which we can offer solutions with a tailor-made insurance package.

Let us identify your risks

Protect your company against unexpected risks and high costs with our Risk Check. Apply for one now:


  • 24/7 availability in case of damage
  • Fast claims handling for your business continuity
  • Customized advice by our own experts

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