NNPC’s service programme for members

NNPC's service programme for membersNNPC
Worldwide network
Our correspondents, lawyers and experts are available worldwide whenever you need help
Information & alerts
NNPC continuously informs you about developments and news via email, our website and the NNPC app
Prevention education & workshops
With our NNPC publications and workshops we provide you with regular information and advice about risk prevention
Arranging bank and club guarantees
NNPC can offer a bank or club guarantee in the event of an impending seizure
Legal assistance
NNPC offers assistance in the event of legal disputes relating to an insured ship
Legal assistance policy excess
No policy excess with the legal assistance insurance
Worldwide cover
Kidnap & Ransom insurance with worldwide cover, with the exception of excluded areas
Pre-entry survey
NNPC provides a free inspection of ships before the start of the insurance
Risk check
NNPC will periodically assess your business risks on request and establish whether the level of cover is sufficient for purpose
Bonus & discount
You will receive a bonus in the event of no-claims and a discount if your ship is laid up
Ship inspection
NNPC offers a free periodic inspection of ships
Pre-loading survey
NNPC offers pre-loading surveys and takes 50% of these costs for its account
Heavy load survey
NNPC provides heavy load surveys and covers the full cost of these surveys
Member login
Up-to-date information on your policies, claim status, reports etc. is available via the website
External costs
Survey and lawyer’s fees are included in the deductible